I am the quintessential Minnesota girl–a bit Norwegian, I make a good pan of bars, love spending time at the lake, and know what it’s like to endure sub-zero and 100+ degree temps within a six-month time period. I’m thoroughly domestic and love to cook, bake, and sew. I clean too, but I don’t necessarily love that.

I’m super girly. But not in the OMG PINK!!! AND GLITTER!!! way. More like…I own a lot of high heels, I love dresses, earrings, and sparkly nail polish (Does that count as glitter?) and I don’t mow the lawn. Also: see aforementioned domesticity. At the same time…I do a lot of “non-girly” things like hiking, camping, canoeing, and shooting. I’m a huge dork. I don’t think I’ll ever grow up, although I’m pretty good at pretending I have.

Mr. B is my best friend, all-around favorite person and the love of my life. We drive each other crazy at times, but ultimately, we have a lot of fun (it helps that he is also a huge dork). I never knew how much someone else could help me be so fully myself.

I’m blessed.

So what’s this blog business all about? Good question. I’m still trying to figure that out. I’m at a point where I’m looking around and saying, ok, what happens next? And I don’t really know the answer to that yet.

I believe that life is inherently unpredictable. As much as we try to shape our environment, control our future, or plan out our days, there is always an element of surprise. In ways large or small, good or bad, the unexpected will occur. Really , then, the only thing we can anticipate is that there will be something unknown. I don’t know yet where my path is leading, but I am doing my best to approach it with an attitude of openness and excitement.

So welcome. This is me on a page–my thoughts, our adventures, life as it happens.


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