To new beginnings

Our 2012 began in South Dakota. One slush storm, one trip to Hyvee, one car repair (not ours), a handful of friends, a bulldog, some guacamole, lots of bubbly drinks, a mostly-empty bar, midnight kiss with my favorite, and falling asleep on a red velvet couch. I would propose that waking to a sunrise on the open prairie is just about the best way possible to start the first day of the new year (and that I hope is symbolic).

Returning home, we were met by three inches of frozen slush-snow and 40-mph winds that made my arms tired from trying to keep the car on the road. Minnesnowta, I love you, but you sure do know how to make living elsewhere look good some days. Also: said winds are currently rattling the windows of our house, which, oddly enough, is making me nostalgic for playing pioneers with my sisters in our childhood bedroom during the winter. Random much?

All this to say that, as horribly cliche as it may be to use the New Year as an excuse to start (or more accurately, re-start?) something…so be it. Life has been getting away from me as of late. Changes at work, travel for work, the rush of the holidays, travel for the holidays, and suddenly I don’t really know where the last three months went. In theory, things will slow down this month; then again, I’m booked for travel later this week and the end of the month, I start training a new hire in two days, and before I know it, another three months will have rushed by. But busy is boring. There are so many wonderful details and nutty, beautiful (awkward/funny/creepy/couldn’t-make-this-up-if-I-tried) people and moments that I want to remember. So no promises or resolutions, just reminders to myself to find the time, make the space, be in the moment enough to stop and look around while its happening. And also, to keep my fingers crossed for a year full of South Dakota sunrises.


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