One of those days

Ever had one of those weeks that nothing really bad happens but somehow life just seems to be kicking your butt? And what I should say is mostly is that work kicked my butt, which, coupled with my really bad tendency of taking everything outside of work on my self and feeling like I have to be superwoman and therefore getting upset when I can’t do it all. And that’s when you end up trying not to cry at 630 on a Thursday night because you really just need to not be the one doing the dishes for one night and it’s not about the dishes but it is and thank God you have someone who loves you despite your occasional neuroses.

But how boring is all this complaining? I mean honestly, I should be grateful I have a job, and at the end of the’s only work. As much as it feels like otherwise…there’s much more to life. Like someone who knows that when you’re crying it probably partly means you need a hug or something to eat.

So. Prescription for crappy days when work kicks your butt and you’re worn out and overwhelmed by stupid things:

Cry if absolutely necessary. Don’t wallow in it, but if you just need to cry and get it over with instead of being a cranky be-atch for the remainder of the evening because you’re trying not to cry: then cry. And be honest with yourself that you’re crying because you’re tired and probably hungry, and not because the world is ending. Ask for help if you need it. Ask for a hug. Then dry your eyes, and move on. And eat something.

Have a bowl of chicken noodle soup. From a can. Because you know what? Canned soup is just fine some days. It’s good for the soul. Throw a PB&J on the side, because it’s soft, and sweet, and there’s protein in there. Bonus: both these things take approximately zero effort and can be accomplished while talking to your former roommate (now in AZ) and hear about her “awkward” weekend. While you’re waiting for the soup to heat up, pour yourself a vodka soda with lots of ice. Or if you’re not into booze, a cup of tea is also fabulous (hey, even if you are into booze, tea is fabulous).

Enjoy while watching The Office. Feel grateful that it’s no longer 95 degrees like it was all of July and soup actually sounds good. Also be grateful that you actually had soup in the pantry because it just isn’t something you usually buy in the summer. Hurray for coupons. While you’re at it, be grateful that a friend left you a bottle of vodka, that you have a comfortable couch, and that tomorrow is Friday and that means this week will come to an end and a new one, in which you, and not work, will kick butt, will commence.


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